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When I Was Theodore Seaborn

When I Was Theodore Seaborn

French title : Quand j'étais Théodore Seaborn

Théodore Seaborn, a young Montreal ad executive, is recovering from depression after having been fired from his job. Married, with a young daughter, he spends his days watching recordings of the Charbonneau Commission on municipal corruption, and eating Coffee Crisps.


When his chocolate reserves run low, he leaves the house and encounters a man who resembles him uncannily. Théodore’s efforts to track the man down, and his conclusion that the man belongs to a terrorist cell, soon turn into an obsession.


But by what strange sequence of events does he end up in the Islamic State’s Syrian stronghold? From Montreal to Raqqa, Théodore faces a host of dangers. But the riskiest and most unhinged journey of all is the one that leads him to his deepest self.

One of RTBF’s (Belgium) Top Crime Novels for 2016


“Quand j’étais Théodore Seaborn is a thrilling book whose twists and reversals are as surprising as they are numerous. This is pure Martin Michaud…”

                       -  JOSÉE LAPOINTE, LA PRESSE

“This is the best story Martin Michaud has ever written. Readers will be carried away by the hallucinatory rhythm of the plot, the taut elegance of the style and the precision of the writing.”

                     - MICHEL BÉLAIR, LE DEVOIR

“The author of acclaimed, multiple-prize-winning thrillers… Martin Michaud offers us a gripping story… a novel that’s spare, effective, very dense and engaging.”


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