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Adapted from Never Forget

Detective Sergeant Victor Lessard, the top investigator on the Major Crimes Unit of the Montreal Police, works with his colourful partner Jacinthe Taillon and young detective Loïc Blouin- Dubois to solve the murders of a man and woman whose necks were pierced with what appears to be a medieval instrument of torture.


Just before their deaths, the victims heard the voice of Lee Harvey Oswald, presumed assassin of John F. Kennedy.


This is a crime thriller about rebuilt identity, reclaimed memory, and the quest for honour.

Season 1

Season 2

Adapted from Violence Within

Victor Lessard and Jacinthe Taillon must solve the murder of a high-ranking Montreal police officer whose head has been found in a dumpster.


Assisted by Loïc Blouin-Dubois and Nadja Fernandez, they’re hunting a ruthless killer who decorates his crime scenes with gruesome grafitti.


This descent into a labyrinth of desire and death will haunt Lessard to his very soul.

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