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The Devil's Choir

French title : La chorale du diable 

In what appears to be a family murder, a wife and three children have been killed with an axe. Their presumed killer, the husband, has committed suicide after cutting out his tongue. But is that really what happened?


Two days later, a provincewide Amber Alert is issued for Quebec. A young girl who was giving erotic performances on the internet has been kidnapped. By whom? And why?


Two mysteries being investigated in parallel by two hard-charging cops: Victor Lessard, who has a few dead bodies in his past, one of which has come back to haunt him in chilling style; and Jacinthe Taillon, Lessard’s former partner in the Major Crimes Unit. Who now hates his guts.


Confronting religious fanaticism as well as the perversity of more ordinary demons, the two detectives find themselves in a diabolical dance between four focal points: Montreal, Sherbrooke, Val d’Or, and… the Vatican.


Until they discover the chilling secret of the Devil’s Choir.


Arthur Ellis Award, 2012

Saint-Pacôme Prize for Crime Novels, 2011

Top 10 Novels of 2011, La Presse


“La chorale du diable gives us the whole package – a well-constructed plot; captivating, credible characters; and flawless suspense. With this crime novel, Michaud takes his place among Quebec’s very best crime writers.”

                      - NORBERT SPEHNER, LA PRESSE

“It’ll hit you in the gut… A terrific read. You won’t want to do anything else. Seriously, you’re going to love this book, I guarantee it.”


“He’s created a strong crime novel, well written, well thought-out, in which everything holds together beautifully. He has the soul of a screenwriter.”


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